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If you thought that popping into your local high street Starbucks or Costa was where coffee indulgence begins and ends, think again. The humble coffee plant, for indeed it is a plant, has more benefits that just giving you that shot of ‘liveliness' to kick start your day. Research has shown that the antioxidants in coffee can fight unstable atoms, better known as ‘free radicals’,  that can damage cells, have a negative impact on the aging process and lead to skin damage. Nature is the great giver, the source of plant and seed extracts that produce natural herbal remedies and medicines that have been used since the dawn of time. And the coffee plant seeds, or beans, are part of nature’s gift!

Now you can take advantage of the power of nature through the Soap Factory’s Handmade Coffee Natural Body & Face Scrub, a moisturising exfoliant with coffee and cardamom for smooth, toned and velvety skin. And another bonus with this product is that coffee and cardamom are said to help in the fight against cellulite by dilating blood vessels and stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin. At the same time, sugar crystals gently remove the dead cells of the epidermis and nourishing oils soften and improve its elasticity. The product is enriched with almond and coconut oil and Vitamin E too.

So, if you enjoy a fix of coffee elixir in the morning, then this natural scrub is for you. Its aroma is like having a shot, without the caffeine, and it will soon become one of life’s greatest sensory pleasures as it leaves your skin soft, silky and rejuvenated. But, if coffee is not for you then why not try some of the other flavours; Orange & Rosemary, Coconut & Vanilla  or Black Pepper & Lemongrass.  

Not sure which one to choose? Take advantage of our special offer – buy one and get one with 50% discount. Simply use discount code SCRUB during the checkout and treat your skin.

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