5 Tips for an Abundant Autumn


We don’t know about you but Autumn is one of our favourite seasons, although it’s also one of those seasons that can flit by so quickly that it’s over before we’ve even had the chance to get out there and dance in the crisp, beautiful fallen leaves. With this in mind, we decided to start thinking about ways we could  positively enjoy this breathtaking season by taking some time to share in its traditions and offerings with this post on 5 tips for an abundant Autumn.


“October had tremendous possibility. The summer's oppressive heat was a distant memory, and the golden leaves promised a world full of beautiful adventures. They made me believe in miracles.”


First up while the weather is still throwing us a little warmth on the side of these cloudless blue sky days, get out there and enjoy it. Yes, we said it! STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN and black box of doom (your phone!!) And immerse yourself in all that nature and the beautiful outdoors has to offer. It could be something as simple as walking to the end of the road once the children are in bed (safely watched over by a neighbour or friend), or getting off the bus that stop earlier. Because pretty soon it will be time to hunker down and hibernate; so let’s make a commitment now whilst we can to boost our Vitamin D and happiness levels pre-winter darkness.


Next up, we want to welcome in abundance and prosperity so that we are literally filled up with the goodness. Affirmations are a great way to do this because they help us to develop prosperity consciousness. If you are constantly focusing on what you do not have, your thoughts will be focused on want or lack and that is what you will attract in life. Remember that the thought that is dominant in your mind is radiated to the outside world and in turn attracts situations that confirm the dominant thought. Remember the old adage "Birds of the same feather flock together”?


Instead, decide to switch it up by trying this affirmation every day:


“I always have whatever I need. The Universe takes good care of me”


And remember - abundance need not be about money. Having time to do what makes you happy, having love and joy in your life, having a job or hobby that satisfies your soul - these are all related to abundance in life :-) 


Shed old leaves…literally! It just so happens that the first week of October is “get organised week”, and we think that now is the perfect time. Sort out that corner shelf that has everything piled high; root through that kitchen draw that is full of everything and simultaneously nothing….we gaurrantee it will leave your head clearer, calmer and more ready to hunker on down into the colder months. And you can also translate this to your headspace and relationships, situations and anything else. Take some time to break away from bad habits, people who bring you down so that you can feel strong going into winter. The same goes for your skin!!! Prepare your parched post summer skin for the cooler climes by shedding literally, with a Soap Factory body scrub (currently available as buy one get one free whilst stocks last!) Just £6.50 for two lovely tubs of rejuvenating, replenishing, feel-good.

Head here now to take your pick! 


The next step is to take the Autumnal vibe into the kitchen. This is the perfect time to use apples, berries and all those delicious root veggies. We went apple picking recently and came away with 2 bags of delicious organic apples that have since been turned into yummy smoothies, purees and a beautiful comforting apple pie. The perfect pre-winter boost our immune system is after.


Finally, make sure you have mastered the art of the perfect nights’ sleep before the big hibernation season kicks in. As the zesty feeling of summer has started to evaporate we have naturally started transitioning to more comforting, calming and soothing scents at home. It feels really nurturing now to start making the bedrooms feel more cocoon-like - and lavender is the perfect scent in which to envelope yourself. Simply a few drops in your favourite oil burner, or some of our best-sellers from the GreenUs shop (below) and you will be slipping effortlessly into the land of nod….


Wooden spoon organic lavender body butter

Wooden Spoon Lavender Body Oil

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