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September is well and truly here and with it there is a that feeling of RETURNING…whether that be because you have children and they are going back to school, or whether it’s because you enjoyed an extended summer break and are now back into the throes of work (waaaahhh!), or something else, there is that feeling in the air that the time for fun has passed and its now time to get serious.


At GreenUs we are thinking of ways to dedicate a little bit more time to ourselves now we are getting back into a more regular routine, but always with one eye on how we can also help others. 


With that in mind we are offering you buy one get one free on all soaps for one week only - let clean hands be our gift to you :-) and in the spirit of passing it on, don’t forget that every time you make a purchase from us you are helping to change lives because every penny goes straight to fund charitable projects that uplift others, help with recovery from long term illness, tackle loneliness and enhance wellbeing.

So anyway….back to YOU. Even though the theme of this blog is returning to you, we also want this to be about stepping forward to your future and creating your own destiny. This is not about going BACK (who wants to do that?) September just has the feeling about it and its no coincidence that this month we see the celebration of Gratitude, Dreams and Hearts, with whole days dedicated to these wonderful emotions and practices.


If the summer has been about blind, full-throttle enjoyment and fun, September is about a re-settling and a coming back to earth to find your feet and start walking your own path to your own dreams. And there are some really simple and effective ways to do this! Simply sitting in silence on your own (wow - I know, if you are a parent with small children and any kind of business this is SO EASIER SAID THAN DONE! But what about when the kids are in bed?) Dedicating one evening of your week to yourself to sit in quiet contemplation with just your own thoughts to formulate your own plan and clear ideas for your future. Perhaps there has been a project you have been avoiding or thinking that you cannot even being to think about - well September IS that time. Grab some paper and a pen and get thinking! Drawing out your idea maybe something you enjoy, or even simply drawing! Just like you did as a child, out of the “lines” and away from any constraints, just to get your creative juices flowing. 


Another practise we love is based on brain-heart cohesion - and getting your brain and your heart to work together. Real life research is proving that if you can allow your HEART to beat as though its desires are already so, you will be actually able to achieve whatever it is that your heart is set on. Its not merely enough to THINK with your head, getting your head and body reconnected is where it is at. For anyone who loves a podcast, search for Dr Joe Dispenza because what he talks about is quite simply incredible and makes so much sense to us. He is completely inspiring and if you’re looking to listen to something that will really give you a kick up the bum and set you going then he is the one!


And how about your skin? How is it feeling and looking after the long days in the sun, with maybe a few more glasses of rose than normal? A little parched and downcast perhaps (or is that just us ;-)) well if this is you then we recommend simply getting back to a normal skin routine with an extra focus on stating hydrated - extra glasses of water with a little dash of lemon and salt will do the trick! As will some body brushing in the bath or shower to get your lymph flowing once again. We’re recommending the following products from our online shop to get you totally sorted from head to toe:


Revitalising facial polish from USPA

Hydrating Mask from Sukin, containing aloe vera to care for post-summer skin

Clay Facial Sponge 

And as for your beautiful body, what about a gorgeous nourishing whipped body butter ?

Well that’s it from us! We hope that whatever today brings you you can take at least 2 minutes to yourself to get outside and look up at the beautiful sky, remembering that you are part of a big wide world. Lots of love the team at GreenUs

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