Sun Care That is Good Enough to Eat

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In this modern age of information overload we need people we can rely on to be honest and true, and have our best interests at heart. We are told to cover up from the sun’s harmful rays, but also that we are lacking in Vitamin D which we need for strong healthy bones ~ and the best way to absorb vitamin D is from the sun. So, ok, we do need some sunlight, but not too much. And, then comes the question of how to protect our skin?

Many big-brand suncreams contain a huge number of chemicals filters that are absorbed by the skin ~ potentially mimicking hormones and causing skin allergies. One report by the Environmental Working Group also showed some of these chemicals to be present in mothers breastmilk - which to us is pretty terrifying!! When you consider that your skin can absorb more than 60% of what you put on it, we feel that only natural, organic and cruelty-free will do.

This is where our wonderful brand “Wooden Spoon” come in. Their amazing products take the worry out of time spent in the sun because their sunblocks protect you naturally, relying on the mineral zinc oxide. Wooden Spoon is inspired to offer the purest and most genuine care for your skin; they have a “love for the people” and high ethical standards at the core their offering, which is so much more than caring for the superficial - the outer layer and look of your skin. It is about feeding, nourishing, and rejuvenating your skin, as well as making sure the inner workings of your body remain as they should - unaffected by what is absorbed , AND caring for the planet.

So, what’s the deal with zinc oxide? Well, it is a mineral, a natural element found on the earth, and it works by sitting on top of the skin to scatter, block and reflect UVA & UVB rays back into the atmosphere so they never penetrate the skin in the first place. It provides excellent UVB & UVA protection. It is also noncomedogenic, meaning it does not contain oil that can clog the skin's pores, AND it has antimicrobial properties that can help to enhance wound healing.

Sounds pretty special to us (as are most things that come from our wonderful planet!) Wooden Spoon combines zinc oxide with raw, unprocessed organic oils, butters and precious herbal extracts. With cucumber to cool, baobab to deliver antioxidants and raspberry to provide naturally high UV protection ,the SPF 35+ provides intensive skin nourishment and protection. Combining this with their Blood Orange Skin Renewal After sun cream, your skin will not only look gorgeous, it will feel pretty lovely too. Wooden Spoon also offer gentle and organic creams  with SPF 50 and after-sun care to soothe and nourish the most delicate baby skin.worrying about chemicals seeping into your pores, and what’s not to love about that? 

Our organic sun care box is available at a very special price here





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